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A "100% botanical carbon fiber",
made from a unique, special formula.

Medicarbonʼs powerful infrared ray supports and improves your blood circulation.
Its strongest feature is the fact that it is a botanical carbon fiber made from 100% charcoal. 
Unlike the typical carbon fiber, which is only made from about 10% charcoal, where the charcoal powder is kneaded into the fabric, Medicarbon is made from a special formula that charrs the entire fabric, making it pure, 100% carbon.
Super-soft and 100% charcoal, it is a brand-new, innovative fiber.

Medicarbon fabric material
Every part of
the fiber is
made up of carbon

The typical carbon
Carbon kneaded
into the fiber, in
charcoal form.

A "general medical equipment", researched by the medical professionals. 

Medicarbon is a fabric material that has been developed for medical purposes.
The intended purpose and characteristics differ from typical carbon fibers.
Unlike other carbon fibers, it is registered as a "general medical equipment" and can be used for anti-inflammatory and analgesic treatment (thermal care).
Due to its high reliability, it is widely popular in medical facilities and luxury hotels.

Safe and natural for everyday use.
The best quality of charcoal.

Regular washes and maintenance will keep it clean and long-lasting.
It's "deodorizing", absorbing the smell from your cigarettes, sweat and body odor. Its "antibacterial" function will kill the germs that could harm your health. On top of that, it prevents mold and fights off ticks and mites, and the high absorbency of moisture will keep the air nice and dry.
Periodic washing and easy maintenance will keep it clean and long-lasting.

  • Because you wear
    it on your skin.


  • No need to worry about humidity,
    even during rainy seasons.


  • For your health.

    Keeps ticks away

  • So you can stay dry
    and comfortable.


  • Removes
    persistent odors.


Scientifically Proven
Proven to help you sleep better at night.

Minimizing the sleep onset latency (the time it takes for you to fall asleep), improving the quality and efficiency of your sleep, preventing nocturnal awakening (waking up in the middle of the night), and so on.