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The Story of Our Founder

medicarbon history & roots

The Story of Our Founder

Long ago, it is said that a large number of priests named Watarai(ワタライ) have been dispatched from Ise Shrine to Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture.

Watarai(渡耒), a descendant of Medicarbon developers, was born and raised in Kashiwa, and opening of business the Medicarbon operating company Fabric Aid to Kashiwa City.

Watarai developed a more modernly reborn carbon material Medicarbon with hints that charcoal is used in its roots, Ise Shrine. It is recognized as medical equipment in Japan, and its attention is focused on the reliability of its health effect.


Name:Hiroki Watarai
December 23, 1974 Born in Kashiwa-shi, Chiba Prefecture
Watarai is the royal occasion Shinto of Ise, the family moves to Kashiwa city in Chiba prefecture

Roots of medicarbon

The freshness of Ise Shrine, Japan's largest power spot, came from charcoal

自身のルーツと炭の親和性 ▼ プラス繊維、炭化のノウハウ ▼ メディカーボン誕生

Ise Shrine, which was built about 2000 years ago from now, is burying charcoal in the ground.
Not only the shrine but also the temples were filled with charcoal.

From ancient times Japanese people are aware of the power of charcoal.

Medicarbon was born by modernly refining charcoal that has very close affinity to Watarai's roots and making more powerful materials possible.