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Medica by medicarbon

  • Easy to carry.
    Great for putting over your shoulders or knees to keep warm.

    Towel Blanket

    Width : approx. 20in(50cm) x Length : approx.39in(100cm)

  • In addition to effective warmth, it eliminates odor and repels ticks.

    Pillow Sheet*Pillow not included

    Width : approx.19in(48cm) x Length : approx.22in(55cm)

  • Minimizes bloating or swelling, fits the calves just right. Not too tight, not too loose.

    Calf Warmer Set of 2

    L: Maximum girth approx. 13-15in(34-39cm)
    M: Maximum girth approx.12-14in(30-35cm)

  • Improves circulation while keeping your belly warm. Equally effective for lower backs too.

    Tummy Wrap

    L : Waist size approx.27-30in(69-77cm)
    Height : approx. 11in(28cm) x Width : approx.15in(37.5cm)
    M : Waist size approx.25-28in(64-70cm)
    Height : approx. 11in(28cm) x Width : approx :14in(35cm) 

  • Medicarbon material is integrated into the pelvic area.

    High waisted bottoms

    L: Hip size approx. 36-39in(92-100cm)
    M : Hip size approx.34-37in(87-95cm)

  • So light and discreet, it can be worn as an accessory.

    Neck Warmer Soft type

    Width : approx. 2in(5cm) x Length : approx.22in(56cm)

  • Follows every move and fits every curve of the knees, for maximum warmth and comfort.Firmly follows the movement of your knees, for maximum warmth and comfort.

    Knee Warmer 

    L : Kneecap girth approx.14-17in(36-42cm)
    M : Kneecap girth approx. 13-15in(32-38cm)

  • Extremely thin, to fit all shoe sizes.

    Ultra-slim Insoles

    One size fits all / Adjustable
    *Can be trimmed with scissors to fit your own shoes.

  • For warmth, as well as eliminating odor and mustiness.

    Thermal Sheet Sanitary

    Width : approx.6in(16.5cm) x Length : approx.7in(17.5cm)